Our company


The mission of Obashe-Del Rio is the production of fresh tropical flowers and foliage, durable and high quality.

Our focus is to offer a broad portfolio of products with high technical and regulatory backed duration under a comprehensive concept of agriculture solutions.

With our work we cooperate with the sustainable development of floriculture.


Our vision is to become a provider of highly fresh and durable while being recognized as leaders in sustainable tropical flowers. We would like to make a difference with our customers by providing excellent service and quality.

Our Values

We always seek the highest level of quality, the quality will always be a determining factor in our products to give our customers 100% satisfaction.

We believe in innovation and learning, we like to be innovating new products and services to create better relationships with our customers. We're always open to accept change, innovation and creativity.

We respect our staff, we believe that all our workers are the most valuable element of our business. We value and respect individual differences. Motivate and inspire our team to achieve high expectations and ambitious goals.