Obashe, S.A., started growing tropical flowers and foliage in March 1986. The farm is located in Limón, in the Atlantic Coast of Costa Rica. This area is where the Tropical Rainforest is located. It is 140meters above the sea level. It has an average temperature of 30°C all the year. Obashe made its first export to Florida, United States in 1986, and now we export to some other states in the US, Canada and some other countries in Europe.

Since our start we have participated in 14 international trade shows, such as:

  1. PMA New Orleans, USA October 1990
  2. IPM Essen, Germany February 1991
  3. IPM Essen, Germany February 1992
  4. Plantec Frankfurt, Germany October 1992
  5. Plantec Frankfurt, Germany October 1994
  6. Iberflora Valencia, España 1996,1997,1998,2005
  7. Padova Padua, Italia 1999, 2000
  8. Proflora, Colombia 2009-2011
  9. IPM ESSEN, Germany, January 2014